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Quarters Sur Mesure is Rooms tailor made

Quarters Sur Mesure is an extension of French Finish Wall Upholstery dedicated to providing custom designed and produced decorative room panels and divider screens to the interior design community. Throughout the last decade, French Finish has installed many custom decorative door panels and designs for our clients. Through Quarters Sur Mesure we have extened our services to include full production of high quality, made to order room dividers and panels.

Each piece timeless and beautifully crafted to meet form, function, and feeling.


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Quarters Sur Mesure Services

At QSM we understand that the allure of a great design is both amplified and defined by the details that make it up. Each piece and finish chosen with meticulous taste and discerning eye. Room dividers often create an opportunity for added detail. Our CUSTOM room dividers create a UNIQUE opportunity to enhance a tailored design.

We provide custom made room dividers and panels to interior design professionals and industry partners.

Custom made to order. 

Select inventory available.

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